Artwork – Continuing with the sketch now to vector

After a few touches with the sketch it self it was time to vectorize and the result was this:


Artwork – Step by Step Character sketch to Colored Vectored

Took a break from Mass effect ass kicking to draw once again, since recently my art skill frustration got the better of me…least i know I’m getting my skill back =D

Wonder who this is...hehe

Welcome to my blog

Hello there, this is my personal blog where i will post random things concerning my everyday live and the annoying crap that occurs while im on the move.

For starters last week was anime expo, a con i volunteered in for a cool shop that me and my girldfriend always visit. It was fun, untill i had to stand and keep eye for people trying to steal things…that part was boring lol. Anyhow for my services i was able to obtain a nice transformers umm i dont think it qualifies for action figure due to its complexity nor a toy due to its amazing craftsmanship. This transformer figure was awesome, it was none other then Grimlock who i spotted while i was looking at the top shelfs of the booth i was working at looking for mushroom plushies.

Here are some pic for your enjoyment….

Pic 1 -Trying to transform him into dino mode…not going so well

Pic 2 – Fuck yea! i finish him…and…oh man..he is quite upset!